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Beauty Boosting Treatments

Deep Pore Cleanse

60 min - $100

This facial is an excellent starting point for basic skin care. It incorporates cleansing, steam, skin analysis, exfoliation, extractions, a custom mask, essential cell building nutrients and sunscreen.  Your skin will look and feel rejuvenated!

Beauty treatment of face with ozone facial steamer in beauty salon..jpg
A cosmetologist in rubber gloves does a hydro-peeling procedure on the client's cheek. Clo


30 min - $150
Package of 3 - $297
Package of 6 - $597

Skinwave's H2 step utilizes highly concentrated Hydrogen water to target active Oxygen minimizes cell damage, improves hydration and restores skin vitality.


60 min - $400
Package of 3 - $1,350
* 3 skin waves included *

A medical grade esthetic procedure where very fine needles puncture the skin to various depths, causing a controlled injury and inducing the skin to stimulate collagen production resulting in clearer complexion.

Shot of cosmetologist making mesotherapy injection with dermapen on face for rejuvenation
young woman in a beauty center performing a beauty treatment for the skin of the face with


30 min - $95
* Enzyme $ 15 add on *

This is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the outer layer of the skin and removing fine vellus hair!

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